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Professional Biography Dr. Martha Rozelle has 35 years experience in public policy development, 3rd-party facilitation, process design, & conflict resolution for a wide range of projects. As a result of her extensive experience in the application of different collaborative problem-solving techniques, she has facilitated a consensus or designed effective communication strategies for more than 400 forums & citizen committees. A number of completed projects include: the Central Arizona Water Control Study EIS resulting in Plan 6 or New Waddell Dam & raised Roosevelt Dam; 50 miles of 230kV transmission lines and a major receiving station; siting of sanitary landfills,wastewater reclamation facilities, highways, pipelines; hazardous/radioactive waste cleanup.  All involved many stakeholders with strong positions. She works successfully across borders: co-authored Public Participation Manual for Border Environment Cooperation Commission; directed public outreach/risk communication program for US portion of 1900-mile natural gas pipeline from NE British Columbia to IL. Other relevant experiences includes comprehensive public consultation program for City of Calgary’s long-range Transportation Plan;reaching widespread agreement among 10 citizen task forces re.cost/priorities of alleviating social/economic impacts in the construction of a 1500MW power plant.Past-President/Master Trainer Intl Assoc Public Participation-IAP2.

City Phoenix

State Arizona

Zip 85020

Phone 602-224-0847

Fax 602-678-4655

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 22

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