Teresa Makinen

Teresa Makinen

Teresa Makinen

Email Address teresa@makprosvc.com

Website http://www.makprosvc.com

Position or Title Principal

Professional Biography For the past ten years, I have conducted many partnering sessions for projects which bring diverse interests together to discuss issues and objectives for a project.  I have facilitated and built consensus in the areas of water resource management, salinity, regional planning, and environmental concerns.  I work to provide an environment to group participants that offer an opportunity for candid discussions through early identification of issues and concerns.  I've found that if I understand the common issues and points of polarity, then I can put them on the table for discussions, as a neutral party, so that all participants feel equally able to participate in discussions.  I work to find solutions that participants can agree on or support, and take pride in working to ensure all participants feel as though they have the opportunity to become involved in discussions.

Address Line 1 2036 N Gentry

City Mesa

State Arizona

Zip 85213

Phone (480)890-1927

Fax (480)964-7555

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider No

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 11

ECR Services Provided

Public Engagement/Public InputLower San Pedro Collaborative Conservation Initiative2012
Process DesignTable Mesa Recreation Area Planning2008

Case Experience by Subject Matter

NEPALower Sonoran Resource Management Plan2011
Resource ManagementLower Sonoran Resource Management Plan2011
Energy Issues (Including Transmission, u00a0Development and Conservation Issues)Navajo Generating Station Scoping2011
Public lands issues Including use and AccessTransmission Line Resource Management Plan Amendment2011
Watershed Management and/or PlanningEast Valley Water Forum2008
Environmental Planning (e.g., NEPA, Forest plans, travel mgmt., resource mgmt.)Table Mesa Recreation Area Planning2008

Type of Public Decision

PlanningTable Mesa Recreation Area Planning2008

Case Size

Cases involving more than 60 participantsLower San Pedro Collaborative Conservation Initiative2012
Cases involving more than 3 but less than 15 participantsNorth Lake Pleasant Planning2010
Cases involving 15 to 60 participantsEast Valley Water Forum2008

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

Local/communityPeoria Open Space Master Plan2012
National or regionally significant casesNavajo Generating Station Scoping2011
Multi-jurisdictionalNorth Lake Pleasant Planning2010

Process Support Services

Meeting Support
Support ServiceCaseYear
Logistical and administrative support (organizing logistics for meetings, notetaking, etc.)Bradshaw Foothills Coalition2008
Collaborative Technologies
Collaborative TechnologyCaseYear
Decision Analysis/Decision Support/Modeling (e.g., spatial analysis, multi-criteria discussion support, scenario planning, charettes)East Valley Water Forum2008
Engagement/Communication Tools (e.g., polling tools, social media, collaborative document production, video conferencing, webinars, ideation tools)East Valley Water Forum2008
Project Websites (static, interactive, portals, etc.)Table Mesa Recreation Area Planning2008

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