Tahnee Robertson

Tahnee Robertson

Tahnee Robertson

Email Address tahnee@swdresources.com

Professional Biography I have worked both with collaborative, proactive approaches to community and environmental problem solving, as well as helped to design and facilitate efforts to resolve more acute conflicts.  My approach has sought to foster more effective management of community, environmental, and public policy conflicts through the following strategies: 1) Providing assistance, with the aim of representing all parties, in conflict assessment and stakeholder analysis, process design, capacity building and mediation, 2) Developing working partnerships and active networks among diverse stakeholder groups, 3) Creating a variety of learning opportunities through field studies, program cross visits, applied research and training workshops, and 4) Integrating research and best available science into collaborative field-based initiatives.  My style of practice is not dogmatic or ideological in any obvious way. I do not have a strong philosophical orientation in mediation, and instead to fit my more practical approach to the needs of the parties and circumstances. My basic commitment is for more inclusive, informed, civil and democratic discourse toward resolution.  In general, I prefer to be more gentle and diplomatic, but as circumstances warrant can be more assertive and directive.  Although I have worked alone, I enjoy working within teams.

City Tucson

State Arizona

Zip 85747

Phone 520-829-0133

Fax 520-398-7041

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 11

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