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Susanna Liller

Susanna Liller

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Professional Biography I have used my skills as an impartial facilitator / mediator for over 15 years.  I have facilitated groups of all sizes seeking to resolve their differences, primarily in the East but just recently have begun a project in Las Vegas.  Parties find me sincere, non-judgmental, calm and very capable in leading them through whatever process is needed to get them to the desired end.  People tell me that they are able to trust me almost instantly and I consider that high praise.  I believe myself to be a servant of the group and to that end my approach and style will vary according to the needs of the group.  Sometimes groups need structure and direction to provide a successful container within which to do their work.  Other groups may need a more laid back style from the facilitator.  I can provide either and am good at sensing what the need of the group is at the time. Over the past six years I have developed an understanding of the NEPA process and how to work with the public in relation to projects governed by NEPA. Most of my experience in this area has been with transportation, specifically airports and surface transportation. It's a challenging niche but one that allows me to use all my facilitation and mediation training to try and cultivate open and real communication between the public and the project members.  I think I bring a successful mix of school teacher / corporate professional / "regular person from Maine" to the equation which works with people.

City Woolwich

State Maine

Zip 4579

Phone 207-443-2847

Fax 207-761-8105

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 12

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