Shanna Ratner

Shanna Ratner

Shanna Ratner

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Professional Biography We work in a capacity building mode which means every contract we take involves some facilitation. We also work in a larning mode as opposed to an expert mode. We enjoy projects that allow us to learn as we go along. Over the years, I have developed strong facilitation skills. I know how to help people identify and name the assumptions they hold that limit their sense of what is possible. I believe that conflict is a normal occurence and not something to be avoided at all costs. Most of the situations in which I have facilitated surface some type of conflict, even if that is not the reason I was called in. I am also good at designing processes that are engaging and fun for participants. As a professional researcher, as well as facilitator, I understand how to find, evaluate, and present information so it can be understood by people with a wide variety of educational backgrounds.

City St. Albans

State Vermont

Zip 5478

Phone 802-524-6141

Fax 802-524-6643

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 20

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