Susan Raines

Susan Raines

Susan Raines

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Position or Title Distinguished Graduate Professor of Conflict Management

Professional Biography I have conducted over 10,000 mediations, many of which involve public disputes and international commercial disputes. Currently, I am involved in year 2 of a 6 year collaborative project involving the US Army Corps of Engineers and 12 local governments as they attempt to conduct a basin-wide watershed assessment, protection and implementation plan. This is the first such effort of its kind in the Southeast. I have also worked as a dispute systems designer (DSD) for government agencies and as an evaluator for government programs.I have trained hundreds of private and public employees in the use of dispute resolution, particularly environmental dispute resolution, public meeting facilitation, and international mediation including: Indiana Department of Environmental Management (though I now live in Georgia), The Department of Juvenile Justice, Chinese Public Administrators, and more. My greatests areas of expertise are in mediation; public dispute facilitation and public meetings; program design and evaluation for environmental agencies; and conflict assessments for public disputes. I also work with public and private organizations to train them in these skills and processes so that they may feel comfortable undertaking these activities on their own in the future rather than requiring ongoing assistance from consultants. My style tends to be facilitative, rather than directive. I listen in order to find out what YOUR goals are, then work to help you achieve them.

Address Line 1 1000 Chastain Road NW, md 2205

City Kennesaw

State Georgia

Zip 30144

Phone 770-815-4428

Fax 770-423-6312

Small Business No

GSA Schedule Provider Yes

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 5

ECR Services Provided

Facilitation of Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Public Engagement/Public Input25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
Process DesignDesigned Environmental Mediation Programs For Indiana State Agencies
Policy DialoguesGeneral projects
Strategic Planning for Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortGeneral projects
Conflict/Situation AssessmentGeneral projects

Case Experience by Subject Matter

Water QualityNorth Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
Ecosystem ManagementNorth Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
Water issues GeneralNorth Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
Environmental JusticeNorth Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
Public HealthMental health facilitated dialgoues with stakeholders2011
Environmental Enforcement and PermittingUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Resource Management25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
Public lands issues Including use and Access25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
Environmental Planning (e.g., NEPA, Forest plans, travel mgmt., resource mgmt.)25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
Cross-cultural Issues25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
SuperfundMediation between PRPs and IDEM

Type of Public Decision

Implementation/monitoring agreementsUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Policy development25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008

Case Size

Cases involving more than 3 but less than 15 participantsMental health facilitated dialgoues with stakeholders2011
Cases involving 15 to 60 participantsUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Cases involving more than 60 participantsFlorida Supreme Court: Evaluated Mediation Training Requirements2010
Cases involving u00a03 or fewer participantsMediation between PRPs and IDEM

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

InteragencyNorth Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
National or regionally significant casesBenchmarking Mediation Assessment_Book Project2012
IntergovernmentalUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Multi-jurisdictionalUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Large landscape scaleUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Local/communityProgram Evaluation: DeKalb County ADR programs2010
InternationalIntercultural Communications for United Nations IOM2009
State25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008

Process Support Services

Meeting Support
Support ServiceCaseYear
Logistical and administrative support (organizing logistics for meetings, notetaking, etc.)North Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
Engagement of technical experts/third party science advisorsUpper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Experience in a team of multiple ECR Professionals25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
Collaborative Technologies
Collaborative TechnologyCaseYear
Decision Analysis/Decision Support/Modeling (e.g., spatial analysis, multi-criteria discussion support, scenario planning, charettes)North Georgia Water Resource Agencies Quarterly Facilitation2012
Visualization Tools (e.g., electronic maps, flyover video simulations, geographic information systems, digital storytelling)Benchmarking Mediation Assessment_Book Project2012
Evaluation and Monitoring Tools (e.g., electronic survey tools, dashboards)Upper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Project Websites (static, interactive, portals, etc.)Upper Etowah/Lake Allatoona Watershed Assessment2010
Implementation Tools (e.g., content management tools, project management tools)25 Year Water Planning Talks GA2008
Engagement/Communication Tools (e.g., polling tools, social media, collaborative document production, video conferencing, webinars, ideation tools)Italian Chamber of Commerce: Arbitration-Mediation Online Training2008

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