Shawn Grindstaff

Shawn Grindstaff

Shawn Grindstaff

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Position or Title Attorney Advisor

Professional Biography My specialty in dispute resolution is in environmental and natural resource facilitation,consensus-building, process design and mediation . My professional abilities and experiences have been shaped by the very large and complex Superfund lead cleanup scenarios and by large-scale watershed and water policy projects.   Through years of experience and toil in community-based mediation and multi-stakeholder work, I have expanded my skills into other environmental issues and major public policy areas including transboundary water issues, energy and brownfields redevelopment. I am active and engaging, and a strong believer in listening and developing opportunities to bring parties together.  I am accomplished at working with communities, and have been honored by EPA and others for many years in these endeavors.My greatest strength in facilitation and ADR practice is in relationship-building and communications skills. Years of teaching, training and vigorous community engagement have honed these skills and given experience-based wisdom in these matters.  Another strength is my wide array of long-term cases in the environmental and natural resources dispute context, including extensive ongoing experiences with complex multi-stakeholder groups.My areas of experiential strength are in complex water issues,rural communities, government policy, community engagement and empowerment scenarios and brownfields/Superfund cases.

City Fenton

State Missouri

Zip 63026

Phone (636) 358-9154

Fax (636) 326-4722

Federal Employee Yes

Total Cases Last 10 Years 20

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