TarlaRai Peterson

TarlaRai Peterson

TarlaRai Peterson

Email Address tarlarai@gmail.com

Professional Biography Three commitments shape my approach to ADR. First, I am committed to the human right to participate in the development of public policy.  Second, I am committed to designing and facilitating processes that incorporate socio-political practices that extend that right to more people.  Third, I am committed to helping citizens use their knowledge to craft appropriate policy for specific contexts.  Given these commitments, ADR cases that include opportunities to design, implement, and evaluate environmental policy are most appealing to me.  I seek to (1) enhance citizens’ abilities to understand scientifically obtained information; (2) provide them with a working knowledge of relevant political structures, rules, and laws; (3) enable them to communicate effectively about that information, and (4) encourage them to use that information to become involved in the development and implementation of environmental policy.  I also work independently with natural resource managers and regulators, who generally come into such processes with moderately to extremely negative attitudes. I invite them to engage in a joint learning process.  I expect them to provide technical guidance to ensure that members of the public are always aware of relevant rules and laws that will impact policy recommendations.

City College Station

State Texas

Zip 77845

Phone 979 845 5777

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 9

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