Marie Rainwater

Marie Rainwater

Marie Rainwater

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Professional Biography Ms. Rainwater is a facilitator, mediator, community relations specialist, and trainer with 11 years of professional experience.  Ms. Rainwater has provided facilitation/mediation services and ongoing consultation with various clients in the areas of team dynamics, development and implementation of community advisory boards, communications strategies, alternative dispute resolution, complex problem solving, decision-making, and community relations.  Ms. Rainwater has helped project teams negotiate complex environmental policy issues and develop effective conflict management strategies.  She has facilitated issues resolution meetings in which she works with regulators and stakeholders to identify and assess environmental issues and potential outcomes.  Most recently, Ms. Rainwater has been providing community involvement consultation, facilitation and mediation services for stakeholder groups associated with the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District, and Pacific Gas and Electric and Tri-Dam hydrorelicensing projects. Ms. Rainwater has also provided communications consultation for project teams to teach solid communications processes that enhance efficiency and prevent breakdowns in problem solving, negotiations, and decision-making.  She has prepared and delivered presentations and lead workshops on improving communication skills, risk communication, running effective meetings, and on specialized community involvement topics.  Ms. Rainwater’s diverse employment history (a

City Oakland

State California

Zip 94619

Phone 510/434-0665

Fax 510/434-0675

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 21

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