Rafael Montalvo

Rafael Montalvo

Rafael Montalvo

Email Address rafaelm@mail.ucf.edu

Website http://consensus/fsu/edu

Professional Biography Over the past eighteen years, my practice has focused on two broad categories of issues:  consensus-building with multiple stakeholders at the state or regional level on complex questions of environmental or other public policy; and local-level processes that allow citizens to effectively participate in public-policy decision-making.  Most of my cases involve environmental issues in some form -- either as a direct focus, or as a prominent consideration.  The large majority of my cases involve a significant degree of initial polarization among parties.I place emphasis on careful design of the overall process in collaboration with the parties, and on sometimes intensive work between meetings to integrate scientific or technical information and prepare parties for face-to-face discussions.  I prefer to have at least some familiarity with the substantive issues and the process context of a case.  I most often call what I do facilitation: less often, mediation.  In both, my approach is first and foremost to help the parties understand the issues and develop options for themselves.  I actively engage parties in discussion to help them explore the implications of issues and options, but I stop short of offering my own evaluations of what they should do.

City DeLand

State Florida

Zip 32724

Phone 386-801-2717

Fax 407-317-7750

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 60

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