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Pete Swanson

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Position or Title Senior Partner

Professional Biography Pete Swanson, a senior partner at Carr Swanson & Randolph, LLC,  specializes in multi-party mediation and facilitation; dispute systems design and implementation; leadership training and development; complex organizational, cultural and systemic change; and mediation/conflict resolution training and education. He has facilitated eight large public policy negotiated rule-makings since 1995, and numerous complex multi-party disputes. He specializes now in merging the fields of mediation, conflict resolution, culture/systemic change, coaching and leadership development to reach resolution to complex problems on both a personal and systemic level rather than applying band-aids or triage based solutions. He serves as a founding member on the Futures Committee for the Association for Conflict Resolution, which is exploring the future role of the professional conflict resolver. A key to his success is the incorporation of graphic facilitation as a means for managing critical messages amongst stakeholders.Mr. Swanson has been a mediator and neutral party for almost two decades, serving 12 years at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service as a Commissioner. While at the FMCS he was a principle architect of their domestic and international alternative dispute resolution programs, and served as a mediator and facilitator in many public policy, labor, grant, employment, EEO, and environmental disputes. He works extensively overseas in 15 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and C

Address Line 1 15407 Martins Hundred Drive

City Centreville

State Virginia

Zip 20120

Phone 703.818.1740

Fax 703.818.1740

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider Yes

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 5

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