Paul Hoobyar

Paul Hoobyar

Paul Hoobyar

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Professional Biography In seven years as a facilitator and mediator, I have primarily facilitated large group, multi-stakeholder representative meetings dealing with contentious watershed and natural resource issues in Oregon, Washington and Northern California for state and federal agencies. I have facilitated and trained federal and state agency staff in facilitation techniques, as well as designed public outreach and stakeholder involvement processes for such agencies.  I have facilitated multi-day sessions of scientists working on resource planning and priority setting for large spatial scales (including the Northern Pacific for salmonids with simultaneous translation in three languages).  I have also facilitated training workshops for community-based watershed groups.  And I have facilitated groups in local communities composed of local residents and city, state and federal agency personnel working to develop management plans for local streams, riparian areas, watersheds, open spaces and community parks.  Finally, I have mediated conflicts between staff of non-profit organizations dealing with natural resource issues and mediated conflicts among members of community-based, stakeholder representative watershed and natural resource groups.

Address Line 1 2431 Olive St

City Eugene

State Oregon

Zip 97405

Phone 541/345-4854

Fax 541/345-8599

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider No

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 23

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