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Mel Kreimes

Mel Kreimes

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Professional Biography With expertise in natural resource sciences, Mel Kreimes is able to facilitate very organized and productive technical meetings, such as scientific/multiagency workgroups, and mediate very complex environmental decision-making processes involving multiple parties (often federal, state & local agencies). She has a working knowledge of regulatory and permit issues in the environmental arena, including NEPA/CEQA compliance. Additionally, with extensive experience in public involvement on contentious and emotional issues, Ms. Kreimes is very skilled at facilitating interactive and equitable public forums. In her role as a neutral, Ms. Kreimes designs and maintains decision-making or public input processes in conjunction with her clients, and does NOT advocate for any substantive outcomes. Her facilitation/mediation style is firm and directive, yet flexible and responsive. Ms. Kreimes has a strong passion and enthusiasm for the principles of effective dispute resolution, and enjoys working with clients to develop training programs tailored to the participants’ interests and needs.  Such specialized trainings have been provided to a wide range of clients and, based on participant evaluations, have been considered extremely successful. Ms. Kreimes has B.S. and M.S. degrees in natural resource sciences, with extensive training and graduate research in consensus building and dispute resolution.

City Cashmere

State Washington

Zip 98815

Phone (509) 293-5965

Fax (509) 888-1973

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 11

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