Michael Lunn

Michael Lunn

Michael Lunn

Email Address mcalunn@cbbmail.com

Professional Biography My current purpose is to help communities and groups of people confront and resolve complex issues, especially those related to Endangered Species, clean water, restoration of salmon and other fish, ranching and agriculture, and creating and fostering sustainable communities and cultures.  I am part of the Working Landscapes Alliance, a 3-part group of private consultants, the National Riparian Service Team and Sustainable NW, a non-profit.  I have personally managed such issues as Revision of the Tongass NF Management Plan, led efforts at planning for the Early Winters Ski Area in northcentral Washington, Long-Term Timber Sale Operating Plans at Ketchikan, AK, major mining operating plans in Alaska and Oregon, litigation and appeals in the Southern Region of the Forest Service.  I have learned that communities can resolve even the most complex issues when provided with an environment of respect and listening, and a process which helps them organize information from throughout all the affected interests.  We always have time to do things over and over; I emphasize the need to "go slow to go fast," and do it sustainably.  My processes are highly interactive, respectful to all, and include all parties to the dispute.  As groups confront their issues, I use and discuss conflict resolution/consensus tools which builds capacity in the groups beyond just the issue they currently face.  My reports to groups often include learning manuals that enable them to use and understand techni

City Prineville

State Oregon

Zip 97754

Phone 541 447 7671

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 40

ECR Services Provided

Joint Fact Finding/Neutral EvaluationSan Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, AZ2012
Process DesignPiceance Basin Restoration Workshop2012
Conflict/Situation AssessmentGrand Staircase - Escalante NM Situation Assessment2012
Public Engagement/Public InputDeschutes/Ochoco NF Travel Management Planning2007
Strategic Planning for Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortDeschutes/Ochoco NF Travel Management Planning2007
Facilitation of Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortTule Lake Consensus Workshop2006

Type of Public Decision

PlanningSan Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, AZ2012

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