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Mark Scott

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Professional Biography During my professional career I have served in a variety of government and nonprofit organizations where mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution were keys to success.As a nonprofit executive I brought parties together on contentious issues related to water quality, habitat protection, and hazardous materials risk management.  Several examples are listed in the detailed case information provided to USIECR. In addition to these cases, as a government regulator I regularly participated in mediating and resolving disputes on health & safety and environmental matters between outside interests and the agency I represented. My training in urban and regional planning has given me important insights into many of the environmental conflicts that occur at the community and regional level.  My experience has taught me that conflicts most often arise as a result of mistrust between parties.  My approach is to work to build or restore trust through objective information, open dialogue, and active listening.  The strengths I bring to the task are knowledge in government regulatory processes, stakeholder relationships, risk communication, public participation, and group processes; skills in facilitation, organizing information and tasks, and getting work done in groups; and a reputation for fairness and objectivity among a diversity of stakeholders.

City Arlington

State Virginia

Zip 22202-5408

Phone 703-414-8142

Fax 703-414-8144

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 9

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