Mala Malhotra-Ortiz

Mala Malhotra-Ortiz

Mala Malhotra-Ortiz

Email Address


Position or Title ADR Division Director

Professional Biography �� Creative negotiator/attorney with more than 10 years experience leading diverse communities towards consensus�� Concise writer with excellent oral communication skills – proficient in Spanish, Hindi and Guarani�� Analytical thinker with emotional-intellect and an ethic that breeds trust and community�� Self-motivated visionary with sensitivity to realistic time and budget constraints�� Candid professional with first-hand experience with U.S. government processes and needs

Address Line 1 MD Court of Special Appeals

City Annapolis

State Maryland

Zip 21401

Phone 410-562-1096

Small Business No

GSA Schedule Provider No

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 46

ECR Services Provided

Mediation/Assisted NegotiationOil Spill MD Public School2014
Joint Fact Finding/Neutral EvaluationMD Transporation and County Development2013
Policy DialoguesNational Conservation System Vision2008
Strategic Planning for Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortNational Conservation System Vision2008
Conflict/Situation AssessmentTam O'Shanter Land Trade - Recreation2006
Regulatory NegotiationsEPA: Law Cucharillas, Puerto Rico2003
Process DesignParaguay: Irrigated Community Horticulture1998
Facilitation of Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortParaguay: Irrigated Community Horticulture1998
Public Engagement/Public InputConception Farmers' Market1997

Case Experience by Subject Matter

Allocation of Liability for DamagesOil Spill MD Public School2014
Environmental HealthAsbestos2014
Pesticides and/or Toxic SubstancesLead Paint2013
Transportation and Urban Infrastructure GeneralMD Transporation and County Development2013
Land Use, Growth Management, Sustainable DevelopmentMD Transporation and County Development2013
Resource ManagementNational Conservation System Vision2008
Cross-cultural IssuesTam O'Shanter Land Trade - Recreation2006
Environmental Enforcement and PermittingEPA: Law Cucharillas, Puerto Rico2003
Environmental JusticeEPA: Law Cucharillas, Puerto Rico2003
Facility SitingParaguay: Irrigated Community Horticulture1998
Agricultural issuesParaguay: Irrigated Community Horticulture1998

Type of Public Decision

Siting and ConstructionCharles' County v Department of Ed2015
Policy developmentCharles' County v Department of Ed2015
Compliance and enforcement actionLead Paint2013
Implementation/monitoring agreementsMD Transporation and County Development2013
PlanningNational Conservation System Vision2008
License and permit issuanceEPA: Law Cucharillas, Puerto Rico2003

Case Size

Cases involving more than 3 but less than 15 participantsOil Spill MD Public School2014
Cases involving u00a03 or fewer participantsLead Paint2013
Cases involving 15 to 60 participantsMD Transporation and County Development2013
Cases involving more than 60 participantsNational Conservation System Vision2008

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

IntergovernmentalCharles' County v Department of Ed2015
StateOil Spill MD Public School2014
Large landscape scaleNational Conservation System Vision2008
Multi-jurisdictionalTam O'Shanter Land Trade - Recreation2006
InteragencyTam O'Shanter Land Trade - Recreation2006
National or regionally significant casesEPA: Law Cucharillas, Puerto Rico2003
InternationalParaguay: Irrigated Community Horticulture1998
Local/communityParaguay: Irrigated Community Horticulture1998

Process Support Services

Meeting Support
Support ServiceCaseYear
Engagement of technical experts/third party science advisorsMD Transporation and County Development2013
Logistical and administrative support (organizing logistics for meetings, notetaking, etc.)National Conservation System Vision2008
Collaborative Technologies
Collaborative TechnologyCaseYear
Visualization Tools (e.g., electronic maps, flyover video simulations, geographic information systems, digital storytelling)MD Transporation and County Development2013
Engagement/Communication Tools (e.g., polling tools, social media, collaborative document production, video conferencing, webinars, ideation tools)National Conservation System Vision2008
Implementation Tools (e.g., content management tools, project management tools)National Conservation System Vision2008

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