Elizabeth Rettenmaier

Elizabeth Rettenmaier

Elizabeth Rettenmaier

Email Address lizr@homeport.org

Position or Title Senior Facilitator, VP

Professional Biography Ms. Rettenmaier has 25 years of facilitation and communications experience focusing on natural resources management and land use.  She has an interdisciplinary policy and analysis background with graduate work in both natural resources policy and urban and regional planning, and has focused her career on providing effective communications and outreach in support of multi-jurisdictional environmental policy processes. Ms. Rettenmaier’s work in the federal, state, and nonprofit sectors have given her experience in a wide variety of topics including: land use management and the intersection of land use and natural resources policies, especially water quality; community outreach and engagement in policy processes; brownfields redevelopment; ecosystem management; and fisheries management. Ms. Rettenmaier's practice focuses on bringing analytical and decision-making support skills to citizens, community and civic groups, scientists, and government officials so they can more effectively make, communicate, and implement decisions and projects to improve the built and natural environment.

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider Not Specified

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 15

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