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Professional Biography As a practicing attorney for 40 years, specializing matters relating to land use, natural resources and the environment, I have represented both public and private sector interests, particularly those regarding complex strategies.  I was the architect of the first Habiat Conservation Plan under the federal Endangered Species Act (there are now 500+ HCPS, with a number covering the major of the urbanized portions of Southern California).  In the last eight years or so, I have become increasingly interested in providing what I call "informed (because of my law background), neutral facilitation".  For four years, I was engaged by the three counties and the major regional water agency and sewer district to facilitate the Santa Ana River Watershed Group (the watershed is one of the most rapidly urbanizing watersheds in the Nation.  More recently, I have been engaged by the five transporation commissions and the metropolitan planning organization for Southern California to assit them to develop and implement a collaborative local, State, federal strategy for addressing the burgeoning goods movement within the region (45% of the imports of the nation, represented by 15 million containers arriving through the San Pedro Bay Ports and moving up through the regions, expecting to increase to 42.5 million containers by 2030; with attendant issues of carcenogenic diesel emissions and other community and environmental impacts) -- the most difficult urban/environmental issue in the Nation.

City Newport Beach

State California

Zip 92660

Phone 949-706-7095

Fax 949-706-7135

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 10

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