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Larry Fisher

Larry Fisher

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Professional Biography From 2001 to 2011 I coordinated the Public Lands program for the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution.  During that time, I managed more than 200 projects involving local, regional, and national environmental disputes and collaborative processes.  These included projects related to large-scale ecosystem management, forest and watershed planning and restoration, oil and gas leasing, mining, recreation management, wildlife and endangered species, and a range of special uses and permitting processes.  I've played a wide range of roles in these projects - in some cases providing direct services in situation assessment, facilitation, and mediation, and in many others conducting the early diagnostic and convening work, and then working with Institute contractors in more of a coordination and backstopping role.  Through this extensive project management experience, I've had the unique opportunity to see conflict and collaboration play out in a broad array of public lands settings and decision processes, and the special privilege of working closely with (and learning from) many of the most gifted and experienced mediators in the country. Having left the US Institute in August, 2011, I now hold a faculty position in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona.  In this new role, I plan to continue practicing environmental mediation and supporting collaborative processes, while also teaching and conducting research on these issues.  

City Tucson

State Arizona

Zip 85721

Phone 520-909-1605

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 200

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