Jeremy Kranowitz

Jeremy Kranowitz

Jeremy Kranowitz

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Professional Biography Over the past four years, I have mediated and facilitated a number of different cases ranging from local fence disputes between neighbors to much larger land use issues ranging from the siting of deep space communication satellites to biosafety labs to long-line regional electric transmission lines.  I have led focus group efforts to better understand stakeholder concerns and to educate them about pros and cons of research proposals, such as efforts to sequester carbon dioxide deep underground.  I have facilitated discussions with multiple stakeholders that were in strong opposition on issues such as nuclear power and how to manage forest roadless areas.  I have facilitated complex dialogues with leaders of industry and Members of Congress on key energy issues of the day.  And I have helped with strategic planning servies to the US Geologic Survey and biologists on issues of invasive species and regional threats in New England.  I am capable of both large-scale multi-party mediation and small scale neighbor disputes.  My style is facilitative mediation.  Much of my experience has been in the realm of multi-party disputes.

City Keystone

State Colorado

Zip 80443

Phone 202-452-1594

Fax 970-262-0152

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 11

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