Kathleen Conway

Kathleen Conway

Kathleen Conway

Email Address kconway.ct@gmail.com

Professional Biography I have 14 years of mediation, facilitation and consensus building experience and 22 years experience in environmental and land use law.   As a former nurse educator, I have a strong background in education, the sciences and public health.  As an environmental and land use attorney, I have represented corporate, private and environmental clients that have involved issues related to facility siting, permitting, enforcement, remediation, land use, Brownfields and environmental justice  matters. I have also mediated over 100 Equal Employment Opportunity cases for the US Postal Service REDRESS Program in the area of workplace discrimination.  I participate in workshops and trainings to advance listening, observation, inquiry and evaluation skills critical to the facilitation and mediation processes. I have facilitated a number of forums focusing on public policy issues, i.e., prison overcrowding, police racial profiling, financing and quality of public school education, adults with autism, and Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean, sponsored by the Greater New Haven Community Foundation, Yale University, The League of American Women Voters, America Speaks and Greater New Haven Community Mediation.  As a mediator, facilitator and consensus builder in the environmental and land use area, I have worked with highly complex technical and scientific data in multi-party conflicts that involve working with local, state and federal agencies.  The community facilitation

City New Haven

State Connecticut

Zip 6511

Phone (203) 781-0884

Fax (203) 781-0886

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 10

Case Size

Cases involving 15 to 60 participantsRaymark Superfund Site2001

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

National or regionally significant casesRaymark Superfund Site2001

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