Joan Sabott

Joan Sabott

Joan Sabott

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Position or Title Program Manager

Professional Biography Joan is an experienced facilitator, mediator and public involvement professional.  Her area of focus is contentious, multiparty environmental and organizational stakeholder and public involvement processes.  She has assisted stakeholder groups to engage in interest-based negotiation and problem solving through facilitation and mediation efforts.  Joan’s strengths include bringing together parties to design outcomes that are mutually agreeable, embedding herself in the substance so that the process is productive and efficient, and developing and implementing suitable strategies for involving the broader public.  She is a facilitative mediator who works with parties to reach robust resolution through development of strategies and their implementation.  Additionally, Joan brings her background in education to bear as a trainer of conflict resolution theory and practice.  She utilizes principles based in adult learning theory and sound conflict resolution models to help trainees work more collaboratively and to lead collaborative efforts themselves.  Joan has led the two CDR Associates’ trainings: “The Mediation Process Training” and “Facilitation and Mediation of Public and Environmental Conflicts.”  She has led private trainings on interest-based problem solving for several federal agencies, including the National Park Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Her practice and training inform each other, ultimately enhancing the outcomes of both.   

City Boulder

State Colorado

Zip 80304

Phone 303-442-7367

Fax 303-442-7442

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 16

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