Jonathan Lange

Jonathan Lange

Jonathan Lange

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Position or Title Professor Emeritus

Professional Biography I have studied, taught, written about--and most importantly--practiced in the arenas of mediation, facilitation, negotiation, and conflict resolution for approximately thiry years.    My practice of environmental conflict resolution is reasonably extensive, and I have written about this subject in approximately two dozen articles, book chapters, and papers.  I have also worked on labor-management disputes, as well as a wide variety of inter- and intra-organizational conflicts in business, manufacturing, health care, non-profit, and local, regional, state and national governmental contexts in Oregon, California and beyond.  Beyond this experience, my additional strengths include a comprehensive knowledge of the available issues and processes to consider, excellent oral and written communication skills, a demonstrated ability to bring differing parties together and find ways to break through impasses, and access to my university's resources to support the work.  I stress the appropriate amount of "up-front" assessment, planning (and if necessary) training time, attempting to be both efficient and thorough.  I also try to combine the right amount of relational and task work needed to successfully complete the project.

Address Line 1 Ashland, OR 97520

City Ashland

State Oregon

Zip 97520

Phone 541 778-4072

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider Not Specified

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 10

Process Support Services

Meeting Support
Support ServiceCaseYear
Experience in a team of multiple ECR ProfessionalsWOPR (Western Oregon Plan Revision--BLM) Co-facilitator2007

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