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Professional Biography I co-founded CONCUR, Inc. with Scott McCreary in 1990.  Our mission is to provide high quality professional services in dispute resolution, specializing in large-scale, complex environmental policy/natural resource management disputes.  We have successfully provided a mix of mediation and facilitation techniques to a wide variety of clients, including many federal and state agencies.  Our goal is to obtain signed, ratified multi-party agreements.  Our success rate is very high.  We generally design and carry out a two-table style of mediation/facilitation: one table includes policy stakeholders, while other includes technical and scientific staff and consultants to the stakeholders.  We use a step-wise approach to sequentially build policy, regulatory and institutional agreements based on the scientific agreements we help the parties reach.  Thus, we are trained and experienced in the process of agreement-making (facilitation, mediation, etc.) as well as in the areas of policymaking and scientific fact-finding.  We have worked extensively on ocean and marine, water resource, forestry, flood control and large-scale resource management issues, and are starting to engage climate change and energy.  In 2008 I was named a Fulbright Senior Specialist, enabling me to partner with international colleagues.   I am also a Fellow at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

City Santa Cruz

State California

Zip 95060

Phone 831.457.1397

Fax 831.457.8610

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 21

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