James Lenschau

James Lenschau

James Lenschau

Email Address jlenschau@martintate.com

Website http://www.martintate.com

Professional Biography Seven years experience facilitating environmental compliance matters and environmental disputes (even though employed by enforcement agency, I acted as a neutral third party for matters between other agency departments, plant management and other groups) in many different settings, from the large and complex (research facilities, major universities, hospitals, semi-conductor manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, petrochemical tank farms, refineries and military bases) to the small and less complex (small manufacturing operations, gas stations, dry cleaners, and auto body shops), as well as dealing with asbestos matters, to include negotiated rule making and settlements; trained in the mediation of complex matters; practice environmental, real estate, land use and commercial/business law. My style varies between facilitative and evaluative, depending on the situation.

City Memphis

State Tennessee

Zip 38119-3971

Phone 901 522-9000

Fax 901 527-3746

Federal Employee No

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