E. Michael Thomas

E. Michael Thomas

E. Michael Thomas

Email Address emichaelthomas@emtesq.com

Website http://www.emtesq.com

Position or Title Attorney

Professional Biography SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS:==> TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE (9 at USEPA, 12 in private practice) resolving environmental disputes and achieving settlements.   ==> SPECIALIZED IN MULTI-PARTY CASES and their associated allocation and settlement complexities.    ==> DESIGNED ALLOCATION PROJECTS making EPA Region I a recognized national leader in use of CERCLA allocation and settlement processes, particularly the de minimis settlement tools.    ==> ESTABLISHED CORNERSTONE CASE LAW governing proposed Superfund settlements, US v. Cannons Engineering.    ==> LED PRP GROUPS, in private law practice, in intra-PRP allocation negotiations, as chief negotiator for PRP groups in inter-group allocations, as common counsel and as coordinating counsel.    ==> SERVED AS NEUTRAL allocation fact finder and mediator to PRP groups and in mediations between PRPs and the government.    ==> SERVED AS EXPERT WITNESS in private party cost recovery litigation concerning environmental liabilities at Superfund sites.  In Caldwell Trucking PRP Group v. The Pullman Company et al., (D.N.J., Nov. 21, 2002), the trial judge characterized my expert testimony as “particularly knowledgeable and candid” (Caldwell Trucking, at 5) and adopted my allocation without amendment as “an equitable and fair allocation” (Id., at 45).==>     STAKEHOLDER AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE PLANNING for electric utility decommissioning of nuclear power plant.

Address Line 1 40 Speen Street

City Framingham

State Massachusetts

Zip 1701

Phone 508-875-5355

Fax 508-875-5455

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider No

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 5

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