Dana Morris-Jones

Dana Morris-Jones

Dana Morris-Jones

Email Address dzmorr@aol.com

Website http://www.thedelphigroup.com

Position or Title Business Owner/Senior Consultant

Professional Biography My background in Organization Development, extensive training and experience in managing group process, along with expertise as a mediator, have led me to develop a relaxed and authentic, yet firm and directive, style as a process facilitator.  I also have an extensive toolbag of methods for creating collaborative processes that work to bridge differences and lead to the development of interest-based solutions to the most intractable and complex situations. I can be helpful in designing processes to include multiple parties that extend over days, weeks or months, including selecting participants, arranging for facilities, setting agendas and facilitating sessions.  I can train others as facilitators of break-out groups and ensure that proceedings will be faithfully recorded.  I also have access to a network of other talented facilitators, trainers and mediators to call upon for large projects.

Address Line 1 4 carter brook drive

City Scarborough

State Maine

Zip 4074

Phone 207 883-2333

Fax 207 883-8920

Small Business No

GSA Schedule Provider No

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 11

ECR Services Provided

Strategic Planning for Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortMA Courts2011
Facilitation of Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortPine Point, Scarborough, Maine2009
Mediation/Assisted NegotiationPine Point, Scarborough, Maine2009
Public Engagement/Public InputBlack Point, Scarborough, Maine2006
Process DesignChesapeake Bay Program1999
Regulatory NegotiationsDOE - Appliance Efficiency Standards1996
Policy DialoguesNASEO1989

Case Experience by Subject Matter

Transportation and Urban Infrastructure GeneralPine Point, Scarborough, Maine2009
Wetlands and/or EstuariesPine Point, Scarborough, Maine2009
Land Use, Growth Management, Sustainable DevelopmentBlack Point, Scarborough, Maine2006
Parks and Refuge IssuesBlack Point, Scarborough, Maine2006
Agricultural issuesMD Department of Agriculture2000
Transportation Planning/Program ImplementationChesapeake Bay Program1999
Energy Issues (Including Transmission, u00a0Development and Conservation Issues)DOE - Appliance Efficiency Standards1996
Coastal Zone and/or Marine Management IssuesDelmarva Coastal Bays1996
Watershed Management and/or PlanningDelmarva Coastal Bays1996

Type of Public Decision

Policy developmentChesapeake Bay Program1999
RulemakingDOE - Appliance Efficiency Standards1996
PlanningAnn Arundel Code Enforcement1996

Case Size

Cases involving more than 60 participantsMA Courts2011
Cases involving more than 3 but less than 15 participantsPine Point, Scarborough, Maine2009
Cases involving 15 to 60 participantsBlack Point, Scarborough, Maine2006

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

Local/communityBlack Point, Scarborough, Maine2006
StateMD Department of Agriculture2000
IntergovernmentalChesapeake Bay Program1999
Multi-jurisdictionalChesapeake Bay Program1999
InteragencyDOE - DOI/ Nat'l Parks1998
National or regionally significant casesDOE - Appliance Efficiency Standards1996

Process Support Services

Meeting Support
Support ServiceCaseYear
Logistical and administrative support (organizing logistics for meetings, notetaking, etc.)Black Point, Scarborough, Maine2006
Experience in a team of multiple ECR ProfessionalsDOE - DOI/ Nat'l Parks1998

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