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Professional Biography Doug Zenn is an experienced facilitator and process design consultant focused on reaching consensus on public policy projects. His processes are designed to engage participants in discussions for decision-making and give voice to all perspectives. He creates an environment of trust, openess and encouragement.Doug formed Zenn Associates in 2000 as a firm emphasizing public invovlement, clear processes and good communications - all foundations for engagement of diverse opinions. Prior to forming Zenn Associates, Doug served as a senior associate for Pacific Rim Resources, facilitating and managing public invovlement projects.Since the inception of Zenn Associates, Doug has been involved in designing processes for: strategic planning, long-term community visioning, transportation and natural resource issues. With some 60+ projects completed to date and several projects underway, he builds consensus one person at a time. These projects have involved high degrees of complexity, with participants taking highly-charged positions. Doug honors the passion and efforts all participants bring to the table. He shows respect by carefully choosing processes that will improve understanding by all, provides avenues to vent frustrations and generate dialogues for creative solutions. Ultimately each project has to have a conclusion, however Doug's intent also is to provide participants with tools they can utilize in the future ot improve community discussions.Doug also is a facilita

City Portland

State Oregon

Zip 97214

Phone 503-256-7222

Fax 503-408-8301

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 60

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