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Debra Nudelman

Debra Nudelman

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Position or Title Principal, Senior Mediator

Professional Biography Debra L. Nudelman, Kearns & West Senior Mediator, has over twenty years of experience as a consensus building and dispute resolution professional.  She is currently responsible for convening, facilitating, mediating and managing projects including national level policy dialogues, conferences, workshops, strategic planning and agreement-focused processes involving complex natural resource, environmental and public policy issues.She convenes and mediates multi-party negotiations in cases involving a wide range of parties representing diverse interests from private entities and public agencies including federal, state, local and tribal governments, non-governmental organizations, and the public.  Ms. Nudelman designs and delivers training for negotiation skills, facilitation, public involvement, strategic planning and consensus building.  She also designs and implements dispute resolution systems.

Address Line 1 720 SW Washington Street

City Portland

State Oregon

Zip 97205

Phone 503-221-1650 ext. 1302

Fax 503-221-1645

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider Yes

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 30

ECR Services Provided

Conflict/Situation AssessmentColumbia River Assessment Project2012
Regulatory NegotiationsClean Water Sate Revolving Fund2011
Process DesignYuba Salmon Forum2010
Public Engagement/Public InputWest Coast Governorsu2019 Agreement on Ocean Health Workshops2010
Facilitation of Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortCascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Policy DialoguesSenate Bill 513 Working Group2009
Joint Fact Finding/Neutral EvaluationReserves Steering Committee Process2008
Mediation/Assisted NegotiationWillamette ESA Senior Policy Managers Process2007
Strategic Planning for Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortThe Marine Life Protection Act Project for the California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region2002

Case Experience by Subject Matter

Water QualityClean Water Sate Revolving Fund2011
Air Quality and/or Air PollutionPortland Air Toxics Solutions2011
Watershed Management and/or PlanningYuba Salmon Forum2010
OceansWest Coast Governorsu2019 Agreement on Ocean Health Workshops2010
Energy Issues (Including Transmission, u00a0Development and Conservation Issues)Cascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Environmental Planning (e.g., NEPA, Forest plans, travel mgmt., resource mgmt.)Cascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Ecosystem ManagementWillamette Partnership2008
Land Use, Growth Management, Sustainable DevelopmentReserves Steering Committee Process2008
Water Management, Allocation, RightsWillamette ESA Senior Policy Managers Process2007
Endangered Species and/or Critical HabitatDeschutes Habitat Conservation Plan2006
Water issues GeneralClackamas Hydro Project Section 401 Clean Water Act Process2005
Coastal Zone and/or Marine Management IssuesThe Marine Life Protection Act Project for the California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region2002

Type of Public Decision

Implementation/monitoring agreementsWATER2011
RulemakingClean Water Sate Revolving Fund2011
Siting and ConstructionCascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Policy developmentWillamette Partnership2008
PlanningReserves Steering Committee Process2008
Compliance and enforcement actionClackamas Hydro Project Section 401 Clean Water Act Process2005
License and permit issuancePelton Round Butte Hydro Project License Implementation2003

Case Size

Cases involving more than 60 participantsWest Coast Governorsu2019 Agreement on Ocean Health Workshops2010
Cases involving u00a03 or fewer participantsAntelope Ridge Wind Siting Mediation2010
Cases involving 15 to 60 participantsCascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Cases involving more than 3 but less than 15 participantsDeschutes Habitat Conservation Plan2006

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

StatePortland Air Toxics Solutions2011
Large landscape scaleYuba Salmon Forum2010
National or regionally significant casesCascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Local/communityReserves Steering Committee Process2008
InteragencyWillamette ESA Senior Policy Managers Process2007
IntergovernmentalDeschutes Habitat Conservation Plan2006
Tribal governmentPelton Round Butte Hydro Project Re-Licensing2004
Multi-jurisdictionalThe Marine Life Protection Act Project for the California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region2002
InternationalWorld Heritage Biodiversity Sites Workshop2001

Process Support Services

Meeting Support
Support ServiceCaseYear
Experience in a team of multiple ECR ProfessionalsWest Coast Governorsu2019 Agreement on Ocean Health Workshops2010
Logistical and administrative support (organizing logistics for meetings, notetaking, etc.)Cascade Crossing Transmission Project2009
Engagement of technical experts/third party science advisorsMount Saint Helens Sediment Evaluation Team2009

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