Doug Farquhar

Doug Farquhar

Doug Farquhar

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Professional Biography In my position at NCSL, I have acted as mediator between the federal government and states on environmental policy.  This has primarily come from policy implementation from the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Act of 1992, which required EPA to work closely with state agency personnel in drafting regulations that permit the delegation of the act.  The delegation of the act also lead to my extensive work with state legislatures, which I do not consider mediation.This has lead to similar work with HUD and CDC, assisting their efforts in working with their state counterparts, convening meetings, facilitating discussions and occasionally mediating disputes.  As the program director for environmental health, I have performed similar activities rule revisions for EPA's asbestos regulations, and on CDC's efforts to revitalize public environmental health programs, USDA's efforts to promote trade policy, and state concerns with US Trade Policy.This position requires me to identify state/federal concerns and facilitate resolutions to the relevant issues.  Occassionally, I am called on to mediate disputes between parties.

City Denver

State Colorado

Zip 80210

Phone 720/840-3252

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 8

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