Glenn Sigurdson

Glenn Sigurdson

Glenn Sigurdson

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Professional Biography Glenn brings to any assignment a proven track record in dealing with diverse interests - building relationships, achieving consensus,developing partnerships, and resolving conflict.He brings a decision focused,creative and energetic leadership presence that relies on perspectives, tools, and skills shaped and honed by a unique body of experience. He is widely recognized for his work in dealing with complex multi-party situations, particularly with respect to high profile large scale issues relating to resources,land use, and the environment, often involving First Nations, and the challenges of reaching Sustainable Outcomes. His breadth of experience includes the workplace-school boards to health care, developing regulatory frameworks and conflict management systems, resolving multi-party litigation to leading strategic planning exercizes,fisheries issues to forest management.He has worked with groups and organizations to build new ways through which to engage externally and internally,and in helping to develop the capacity and competencies through which to do so.

City West Vancouver

State British Columbia

Zip V7S 1J5

Phone (604) 688-4678

Fax (604) 268-7892

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 30

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