Connie Lewis

Connie Lewis

Connie Lewis

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Position or Title Senior Partner

Professional Biography I have almost 25 years experience doing mediation, facilitation, process design, and conflict assessment in local communities, at the state and national level, and internationally - working on issues as varied as wildlife and fisheries management, AIDs policy, nuclear facility decommissioning, forestry, and biotechnology.  I believe my clients would say that I am quiet and confident, with a poised, easy-going demeanor.  I am a good listener, scrupulously neutral, respectful of all parties, and known for integrity.  I work with patience and persistence, am solution oriented, and will get the job done. I am very assertive when necessary, as well as organized, efficient, and thorough.  I relish complex cases; and have the knowledge and tools to work simultaneously on the political, legal, substantive, procedural, and interpersonal aspects of the case.  I would underscore the value of being part of ahighly respected organization; one that enables me to draw upon talented colleagues and support staff as needed.

Address Line 1 105 Village Place

City Dillon

State Colorado

Zip 80435

Phone 970-296-3055

Fax 970-513-8348

Small Business No

GSA Schedule Provider Yes

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 70

ECR Services Provided

Facilitation of Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortTongass Advisory Committee2014
Strategic Planning for Collaboration or Conflict Resolution EffortVolunteers for Outdoor Colorado Strategic Planning2013
Regulatory NegotiationsForest Service Planning Rule2012
Public Engagement/Public InputForest Service Planning Rule2012
Process DesignPandemic Flu Demonstration Projects2010
Joint Fact Finding/Neutral EvaluationWolf Management Planning Team2006
Conflict/Situation AssessmentJackson Elk / Bison Management Plan Assessment2000
Mediation/Assisted NegotiationID Air Force Training Range2000
Policy DialoguesNational Policy Dialogue on Ecosystem Management1996

Case Experience by Subject Matter

Forest and Timber IssuesOR Department of Forestry - Alternative Management Approaches2014
Environmental Planning (e.g., NEPA, Forest plans, travel mgmt., resource mgmt.)Tongass Advisory Committee2014
Climate ChangePacific Northwest Energy and Climate Workshop2013
Energy Issues (Including Transmission, u00a0Development and Conservation Issues)Coal Bed Methane Best Management Practices2007
Agricultural issuesInternational Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) strategic planning2003
Watershed Management and/or PlanningNational Watershed Forum2001
Coastal Zone and/or Marine Management IssuesRight Whale Ship Strike Workshop2001
FisheriesPuget Sound Salmon Collaboration2000
Endangered Species and/or Critical HabitatImplementation of Endangered Species Act Provisions for Private Landowners1999
Wildlife IssuesImplementation of Endangered Species Act Provisions for Private Landowners1999
Military and/or Base IssuesAir Force Range Stewardship Dialogue1998
Ecosystem ManagementNational Policy Dialogue on Ecosystem Management1996

Type of Public Decision

Policy developmentTongass Advisory Committee2014
PlanningForest Service Planning Rule2012
RulemakingColorado Roadless Rule meetings2011
Siting and ConstructionNuclear Regulatory Commission Blue Ribbon Panel on Waste Disposal2011
Compliance and enforcement actionCoal Bed Methane Best Management Practices2007
Implementation/monitoring agreementsImplementation of Endangered Species Act Provisions for Private Landowners1999
License and permit issuanceStandards for Effluent Dependent Waters in the Arid West1996

Case Jurisdiction/Scale

InteragencyFlathead National Forest Inter-agency Coordination2015
National or regionally significant casesForest Service Planning Rule2012
IntergovernmentalCriteria & Indicators for Conservation & Sustainable Management of Temperate and Boreal Forests1994

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