Carl Helmstetter

Carl Helmstetter

Carl Helmstetter

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Professional Biography Each mediation is unique.  My goal is to help the parties reach agreement.  Sometimes the parties already have agreed to the process; other times the parties need help developing a framework for the negotiation. Sometimes the operative facts are not in dispute; other times, the parties may need administrative and organizational help to exchange information and, perhaps, conduct limited, informal discovery.  Sometimes the parties agree that they will benefit from my opinion as to the probable outcome of their dispute, if litigated. When my opinion is requested, I receive position papers or briefs, and explain my reasoning in a written report.  If I am requested to suggest an allocation of liability, I provide a reproduceable model that may serve as a platform for further settlement negotiations.

City Kansas City

State Missouri

Zip 64106-2140

Phone 816-292-8221

Fax 816-474-3216

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 5

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