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Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez

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Professional Biography The foundation of my experience is over 20 years of environmental and land use litigation and the handling of a wide variety of cases for industrial, development, environmental, governmental and neighborhood interests.  I represented these parties in the litigation of the dispute but in many instances I also participated in trying to resolve these disputes through alternative dispute resolution processes as a representative of a party.  In 1997 I decided to devote the majority of my work to alternative dispute resolution mostly as a mediator for environmental and land use litigation matters.  I have received formal and informal training in mediation, arbitration and facilitation techniques and have had opportunities to be the principal in each of these alternative dispute resolution techniques.My strenghts are that I am familiar with many of the substantive areas involved in environmental and land use issues and feel that I have an excellent background to understand the issues and help the participants develop solutions.  My style is more evaluative than facilitative but I believe I know how to vary the approach depending on the needs of the participants.  I am, above all, a good listener.I have a very strong work ethic and believe that all participants to an alternative dispute resolution matter deserve my best work product.  After being involved in litigation for over 20 years and for some other reasons related to the state of the world, I am totally committed t

Address Line 1 309 Belmont Road

City Tallahassee

State Florida

Zip 32301

Phone 850-567-7223

Small Business Yes

GSA Schedule Provider No

Federal Employee No

Native Dispute Resolution Network No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 109

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