Barbara Stinson

Barbara Stinson

Barbara Stinson

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Professional Biography For the last 15 years, I have assisted in multi-party decision making by designing, facilitating and analyzing collaborative dispute resolution processes.  I have assisted participants from the public and private sectors to pursue innovative approaches to identifying problems and solving conflicts, particularly in the areas of low-level radioactive waste, global climate change, air quality, transportation, land use, and natural resource management. I have been a principle or co-principle mediator in national regulatory negotiations, national policy dialogues, regional workshops on controversial public policy issues, and long-standing disputes on many critical environmental issues.  I emphasize creative process design that is driven by the parties, that identifies and achieves specific goals and results, and adheres effectively to agreed upon groundrules.

City Dillon

State Colorado

Zip 80435

Phone (970) 513-8340

Fax (970) 513-8348

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 42

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