Brock Bernstein

Brock Bernstein

Brock Bernstein

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Professional Biography I believe in finding solutions based on participants' underlying values and their past history of positive interaction, however small. My scientific training and experience enable me to quickly build credibility and deal with content as well as process. Many of my clients have said this was important in  achieving a successful outcome. I enjoy fact finding and building rapport by listening to participants' stories and like to use humor to relieve tension.I have dealt with highly technical scientific and statistical issues, as well as conflicts based primarily on interpersonal conflict and lack of trust. I have also moderated numerous panel discussions and public forums, some involving angry and vocal participants.In general, I base my approach on careful listening, avoidance of blame and scapegoating, and a search for collaborative solutions.

City Ojai

State California

Zip 93023

Phone 805-646-8369

Fax 805-646-3849

Federal Employee No

Total Cases Last 10 Years 30

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