Emmett Fiske

Emmett Fiske

Emmett Fiske

Email Address fiske@wsu.edu

Website http://www.cereo.wsu.edu

Professional Biography People tend to react to environmental conflicts from a variety of perspectives and circumstances.  People within governmental agencies tend to focus on rules, roles and responsibilities.  They deal with conflict by shifting personnel, drafting new legislation, and revising agency procedures.  Others may be more concerned over the impact of proposed changes in land use patterns on their continued enjoyment of local facilities, services and natural resources.  They place a high value on participating in public involvement processes to articulate their concerns and to educate others.Local residents may be highly attuned to the political process and to shifts in the distribution of power.  They are skilled at building coalitions and changing them as often as necessary to maintain the upper hand in conflict situations.  Yet others may look for deeper meanings in the various conflicts affecting everyday life.  They attend to local symbols and rituals as important ways of connecting the culture and traditions with an uncertain future.When conflicts or controversies arise, people interpret them through the organizational "lens" which they find most comfortable.  They bring their various interpretations -- all of which are relevant -- to complex situations, in the hope of reaching satisfactory solutions.  Though most have a common desire to resolve the situation, too often they are unable to untangle the conflicting points of view without skilled intervention.  I have foun

City Pullman

State Washington

Zip 99164-4430

Phone 509-335-6755

Fax 509-335-6761

Federal Employee Yes

Total Cases Last 10 Years 15

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