Andrea Meneghel

Andrea Meneghel

Andrea Meneghel

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Professional Biography Andrea Meneghel is a facilitator, mediator, dispute resolution professional and stakeholder engagement specialist who assists groups to engage in interest-based negotiation and collaborative problem solving. He designs and facilitates collaborative processes that often include multi-stakeholder groups seeking to build partnerships in order to address public policy and environmental issues. Andrea is experienced in all facets of conflict management and prevention in order to move groups or people toward developing agreements. He displays strong networking and communication skills backed up by extensive cross-cultural experience.Andrea is experienced and familiar with environmental planning, project development, environmental review, and regulatory processes and requirements. He has facilitated numerous transportation infrastructure, environmental studies/processes and local agency discussions on how to improve agency coordination and environmental consideration in both the planning phases and the project development phases of transportation decision making. Through these meeting facilitations, Meneghel has gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of incorporating environmental considerations and coordinating with stakeholder groups, resource agencies and decision makers during the NEPA process.

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