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Richard Alper

Richard Alper

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Professional Biography Richard Alper has 20 plus years experience as a mediator, facilitator, and trainer in land use, environmental, transportation, and commercial conflicts. He has worked with federal, state, county and municipal agencies, nonprofit organizations, colleges, trade, community and recreational associations, research institutes, real estate developers, and small business groups. Mr. Alper’s experience includes leading several types of collaborative processes such as policy dialogues, process design, public engagement, conflict situation assessment, consensus building, and assisted negotiation.Mr. Alper is adept at facilitating constructive dialogue geared toward cooperative action, with an eye to empowering the parties to manage their own conflicts.Richard Alper has taught alternative dispute resolution courses at the professional graduate school level and given hundreds of hours of training in facilitating multi-party land use processes and in environmental/land use law. Mr. Alper practiced law in these areas plus commercial real estate transactions for 35+ years.

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